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Latvian Mixed Choir Daugava

Conductors Jevgeņijs Ustinskovs and 
Renāts Cvečkovskis

Programme: Tchaikovsky, Arkhangelsky, 
Rachmaninoff etc

Mixed Choir Daugava
is one of Latvia’s most famous collectives, which was created in 1956 by the Latvian conductor Stanislav Brok. From 1996 the conductor of the collective has been Jevgeni Ustinskov. The choir is made up of singers between the age of 17-40. The collective has an active creative and concert activity, with performances in countries such as Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, France, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain and Great Britain. The choir’s repertoire is versatile – ranging from renaissance to XXI century modernism. A significant role in the repertoire is held by national and religious music. Daugava is actively cooperating with soloists, orchestras and different instrumental collectives. They have taken part of several competitions and festivals: I International Brass Music Festival “Silver Bells” (I Prize, Latvia, 2000), IV International Choir Music Competition (Grand Prix, Lithuania, 2001), International Choir Music Competition (I Prize and special prize, Lithuania, 2001), X International Religious Choir Music Festival (Grand Prix, Belarus, 2002), VII International Youth Choir Festival (I Prize cum laude, the Netherlands, 2004), E. Darzinja Choir Competition (special prize, Latvia, 2005), VI International Choir Competition (III Prize, Germany, 2006), 61 International Festival Llangollen (I Prize, Great Britain, 2007), 26 International Music Festival (IV Prize, Spain, 2008), Festival Interfolk (I Prize, St, Petersburg, 2015), World Choir Games (gold and silver medals, Sochi, 2016) etc.

Jevgeņijs Ustinskovs
is a recognized Latvian choir conductor, composer and a doctor of pedagogical sciences. He is the director of the conducting-singing department at the Daugavpils St. Brok’s Music School. J. Ustinskov conducts 6 choirs and a vocal ensemble. He is the artistic director and chief conductor of several international and Latvian festivals and competitions. He has given master classes and been in juries in Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Moldova and Poland. 

Renāts Cvečkovskis
is a young conductor and composer, a student of the Daugavpils S. Brok Music School. Despite his young age, Renāts has successfully conducted different choirs and orchestras in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Belarus and has taken part of different international projects.

Wed. 1.08

at 7 p.m 

Velise church




Mārtiņš Brauns (*1951)
Saule, Pērkons, Daugava / Päike, Äike, Daugava


Rihards Dubra (*1964)
Молитва / Palve / Prayer

Jevgeņijs Ustinskovs (*1970)
Отче наш / Meie Isa / Our Father

Alexander Arhangelskii (1846-1924) 
Ныне отпущаеши / Nüüd sa lased oma sulasel lahkuda / Now lettest thou thy servant depart

Mihhail Ippolitov-Ivanov (1859-1935)
Благослови, душе / Õnnista hinge / Bless the Lord, O my soul

Pjotr Tšaikovski (1840-1893)
Трисвятое / Trisagion

Sergei Rahmaninov (1873-1943) 
Богородице, Дево, радуйся / Neitsi Maarja, rõõmusta / Rejoice, Virgin Theotokos

Aleksandr Bordak 
Ангел вопияше / Ingli laul / The Angel song 

Gregor Aichinger (1565-1628)
Regina coeli

Renāts Cvečkovskis (*1999)
Agnus Dei

Jevgeņijs Ustinskovs  
Exultate Deo

Lūcija Garūta (1902-1977)
Mūsu Tēvs / Meie Isa / Our Father

F. G. Calang jr (*1963)
Auyg Ti  Amianan

Joshua fit the battle / Joshua sobib lahingusse
(arr. A. Ohrwall)

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