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soloists: Kristiina Veerde and
Stephanie Beatrice Aus

conductor Urve Uusberg

Programme: P. Uusberg, U. Sisask etc


3 july


Velise church 

Rapla Youth Choir Mitte-Riinimanda 

was started in 1993 during a school's children's choir concert tour abroad and the choir's new name "Riinimanda" was given by a nine-year-old Uku Uusberg. When children were growing up, 15-year-old Märt Avandi told that he doesn't want to be a Riinimanda any more, so since 1997 the youth choir has been called Mitte-Riinimanda. The home of the choirs is in Rapla Gymnasium. In 2003 they started Mitte-Riinimanda Alumni Choir. When taking part in competitions or going on tour, the choirs are usually united to one concert choir which is administrated by Riinimanda Choir Studio. The Riinimanda choirs have been renowned in many occasions, incl. Estonian Choral Association Choir of the Year in 2006, several prizes from competitions since 2002 and from international competitions since 2005. The choir has released several CD's: "Kõlab laul" (2003), "Ma laulan suust ja südamest" (2007), "Riinimanda Südame Salv" (2013) with Veljo Tormis song cycles etc. The conductor of the choirs is Urve Uusberg, choral masters are Kristiina Veerde and Patrik Sebastian Unt, consultant is Pärt Uusberg, vocal advisers have been Leelo Talvik, Triin Saarela and Eha Pärg. For the concert in Velise the choir has prepared the Pärt Uusberg's arranged folk song cycle "Lapsepõlves lauldud laulud" (Songs of Childhood) and the Maarja songs cycle by Urmas Sisask.

Urve Uusberg 

has a higher education in conducting and psychology. She is known as the founder and main conductor of the Rapla Mitte-Riinimanda Youth Choir in Rapla Gymnasium. The work with the choir is very rewarding and many of the singers continue to pursue music as a hobby or even professionally after they have left the choir. Since the world of Riinimanda consists also of creativity and kindness (for ex. Riinimanda Theatre, Summer School art fairs, practical psychology lessons), it's not surprising that many singers have become famous actors, artists or doctors, psychologists. Riinimanda choirs are known in Estonia and abroad for they're successful performances in concerts and competitions. Singing has taken them to Nordic countries, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Italy. U. Uusberg has chosen the repertoire for the choirs from the Estonian folk songs and sacred choir songs. During the years, Veljo Tormis has become the composer of the choirs and their latest album "Soome-Ugri maastikud" (Landscapes of Finno-Ugric) was nominated the Recording of the Year in 2013 by the Estonian Choral Association. The second most sang composer is Urmas Sisask from whom the choir ordered a mass after winning the Choir of the Year award in 2006. The piece was called "Mass of Madis" and was first performed in 2008. The choirs also perform music by Pärt Uusberg. His song cycle "Lapsepõlves lauldud laulud" (Songs of Childhood) was written in 2015-2016 by the request of the choir and had it's first performance in Spring 2016.

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Pärt Uusberg Ernst Enno

- See vaiksete valgus 

Pärt Uusberg

Eesti rahvalaulu seaded

 - Ära tuul tubaje puhu

 - Kurb laulik 

 - Veere, päike! 


Sirje Kaasik

 - Tere, tere Maarjakene


Urmas Sisask

Neli laulu Püha Neitsi

Maria auks

 - Heliseb väljadel 

 - Kaunim meritähti, Ema

 - Auväärne haldaja,

   taevalik õis 

 - Kiitkem südamest, Maria 


Pärt UusbergJuhan Liiv 

- Muusika 


Pärt Uusberg

Rahvalaulu tsükkel

"Lapsepõlves lauldud laulud“

 - Laula, kuni elad (Kose)

 - Laeva tegemine

 - Ei üht naist

 - Piis pikka pilliroho marja

 - Oh, minu ellad

 - Kohus koju minna


Helen Tobias-Duesberg

- Mu süda ärka üles / Mein Herz, wach auf


Kärt Johanson / arr P. Uusberg

- Õhtu ilu

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