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We await all professionals and amateurs (starting from the age of 15)

to take part of the Summer Academy.

For every participant the package includes 4 singing lessons,

4 lessons with coach, evening visits to Rapla Church Music festival concerts, food and living quarters and performance at the final concert

in Rapla Cultural Center on ​the 9th of  July at 6 p.m.

​Registration is open until 27th of June!
For more information send a letter to

Participation fee: 290€
Estonian citizens can request a discount
up to 100€ for the course from Pille Lill and Aare Saal.

Teachers: Monika Hauswalter (no available spots),
Pille Lill (soprano),
Aare Saal (baritone)

Coaches: Piia Paemurru and Tiina Kärblane

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